Rob Tuley · Tech Notes

GCE logs via PubSub to Loggly

Explaining a shovel to ship logs from Google PubSub to Loggly which I use to get Google Container Engine docker container logs into Loggly dashboards.

CoreOS Disk Space Management on GCE

A word of warning ref docker disk usage over time on CoreOS.

Tiny GoLang Docker Containers via CircleCI

How to use statically linked GoLang binaries built on CircleCI to produce tiny golang docker containers.

Alberto Brandolini on DDD & CQRS

Some of my key take-aways from having Alberto Brandolini on-site at Skybet talking to us about DDD methodologies.

TTL cache & the thundering herd

A warning about simple TTL caches & how to avoid blips in uncached traffic.

Golang memory leak from missing resp.Body.Close()

A warning to always close response bodies in Go even if unused to avoid memory leaks.

Rolling unit restart with fleetctl

Notes on how to achieve a rolling restart of a dockerised application on CoreOS using fleet.